Did You Know There are New Insurance Coverage Options for Homeowners?

Posted November 4, 2021

Standard homeowners’ insurance protects you from a wide variety of potential disasters, but not necessarily from everything that could possibly occur. The good news is there are two new insurance coverage options that are available as optional endorsements to give you peace of mind.

Service Line Coverage

Underground utilities are commonly installed and an excellent option, as they are not susceptible to the many dangers that can happen to aerial lines. You needn’t worry about a windy day or toppling tree causing a power outage or taking your internet or phone service out. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for damage. And when damage does occur, the cost to repair underground utilities can be substantial.

Service line coverage is designed to cover damage that affects internet access, natural gas, water lines, electrical power, telecommunication services, and more. Service lines such as these can experience breakdowns from freezing, corrosion, wear and tear, root invasion or ground collapses that are not sinkhole related. Service line coverage is quite affordable, and any claims do not impact your claims history.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Any number of things can cause severe electrical or mechanical damage to any equipment you have. You might not think that an explosion, rupture, or some other calamity could befall you, but it does happen more than you might think. Given the affordability of this coverage, it is better to be safe than sorry. Some losses and expenses can be quite profound, such as replacing refrigerated products or dealing with pollutant cleanup and removal. Some good news is that filing a claim for equipment breakdown coverage does not negatively impact your claims history or cause your rate to increase.

If you are interested in adding one or both of these endorsements to your homeowners’ insurance policy, reach out to us at Legacy Insurance Partners today! We would love to help you relax at home without worrying about potential gaps in financial protection.

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More Information About Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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